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School’s Out for Summer May 31, 2012

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Or The One Where I Admit My Addiction to Pinterest.


I’m stepping out of the kitchen for a moment to show you what is a current project in our house this summer. Every year I have the best of intentions for when summer break comes. You’re bored? No problem! Super Mom has an amazing selection of fun and educational activities to entertain you, and while you’re at it I have a selection of worksheets for you to work on so you don’t lose all that knowledge you spent the last year acquiring. I’ve stocked up on craft supplies. I have piles and piles of school books and worksheets all ready for the kids to work on. I can plan and make lists with the best of them. Where I always run into a snag is follow through. What’s this gotten me? Shelves and shelves of various paints, pipe cleaners, fabric markers, stickers and glue sticks and piles and piles of school papers that, when left to their own devices, seem to miraculously procreate.


This year my summer goal is to simply have fun, and I don’t want to hear the dreaded words: “Mom, I’m bored.” Through the magic of Pinterest I discovered so many wonderful ideas for summer activities. What’s not said in that sentence is that I can spend literally hours pouring over pins, reading blogs that take me to other blogs, etc. I’ve pinned so many recipes and crafts and activities (for me and for the kids) that I decided it’s time to stop ogling other people doing these things and start doing them myself. And I’m not talking about anything fancy. Just simple, everyday things that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own because my brain just doesn’t work that way anymore. Plus I get to go through and actually start using some of our craft supplies.


I know it’s not new by any means, but I found the idea of a Summer Bucket List a few weeks ago. What a fantastic idea! The perfectionist in me wanted to go all out with this, but the realist in my decided to keep it simple. I picked up a couple of plastic containers at the dollar store along with a few craft supplies (Like I really needed more, but I just can’t help myself!).


Bucket List


The kids and I sat down and came up with activities to do, places to go and recipes to make. I cut each piece of card stock (that I already had) into 8 pieces, and using a Sharpie I wrote each bucket list item on a piece of card stock. I created a couple of labels in Publisher, printed them onto card stock and used packing tape to stick them to the containers. Voila! Our very own Summer Bucket List.


Bucket List2


The kids take turns drawing a card the the day or evening before. This gives me a chance to make plans or buy anything that will need to be bought. There are a couple items that will require at least a few days notice, but I’ll figure that out as we come to it. Then once the activity is finished we put that card into our finished bucket – the one labeled “Look what we did this summer!” I’m taking pictures every step of the way, and though we’re only on day 2 we’ve had a blast – me included.


Interested in making your own bucket list? Here’s what we have in ours to give you some ideas:


make a bird feeder
make a smoothie
go swimming
toy swap with a friend
make paper flowers
wash the car
visit Aunt Jess
color pasta and make a necklace
make a collage
Potawatomi Zoo
write a letter and mail it
make popsicles
play with sparklers
sidewalk chalk art
lawn twister
go bowling
make cookies
Silver Beach Carousel
make your own lava lamp
make slime
go berry picking
family game night
International Friendship Gardens
scavenger hunt
Washington Park Zoo
go to the library
play in the sprinklers
backyard campout
make giant bubbles
go on a picnic
sponge tag
read for 10 mins (or more)
glow stick bowling
go to the beach
make ice cream
stay up late and watch for shooting stars
water balloon piñatas
play a board game
Pajama Day!
make banana bites
build a fort
make an edible necklace
family room campout
go fishing with Daddy
make cloud dough
tie dye
face painting
frozen fun
backyard water bed
Fort Wayne Zoo

Want even more? Check out my Summer board on Pinterest. There are more ideas than you could ever hope for or have enough days to accomplish.


Happy Summer!



Summer Bucket List Challenge


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